matt eggsware
Drawing / Objectification Series
These drawings are part of an ongoing series of works using the human figure to explore ideas of sexuality, sexual dependance and objectification. Some earlier drawings are made using charcoal and wash and some with charcoal, wash, and watercolor. The most recent series of nine was made with fabric dye and bleach. Dramatic cropping was used on all to illustrate the manner in which the body is often objectified. The color red was frequently used for it's association with blood and violence.

Very rarely did I apply medium to paper in the traditional manner. In many cases I would wet my hands, cover them with charcoal, and apply it using whichever part of my hand would make a mark. When watercolor, bleach, or fabric die was used; the liquid was applied from a baby bottle or some other similar container. Drawing is something that I am not naturally good at. For this reason, I must work very hard, and often find myself frustrated and obsessing over unimportant details. To make use of alternative mark-making tools such as these, I am able to loosen up, which improves my accuracy, and makes drawing much more enjoyable.