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RonWendyThe KingBurger King Soda, LargeBurger King Whopper With CheeseBurger King Fries, LargeDaily BreadMcDonald's Fries, LargeMcDonald's Soda, LargeMcDonald's Big MacThe Last Supper420 WaterFred WaterVoss WaterTurkey Hill WaterMixed Message 1CrutchNecessary Evil8oz. CokeSheetz Fizzonator
The inspiration for these works stem from a fascination I have developed with the appropriation of everyday consumer objects. Via the juxtaposition of object and text, I am able to create a dialogue between the viewer and the piece that can be humorous, thought provoking, and occasionally insulting. The objects I choose to recreate already embody many interesting, if not controversial, aspects of our popular culture. A work such as a McDonald's Big Mac cast in concrete, or a Fiji water bottle cast in bronze, has the potential to generate a critical dialogue with the viewer, and it is often this dialogue that fuels my continued interest. I eat at McDonald's, Wendy's and Burger King; and when not consuming entirely too much soda, I drink bottled water. My goal is not to judge, but to poke fun at myself, our consumerist society, and the ridiculous marketing ploys used to convince us to align with this or that brand of purified tap water.