matt eggsware
Matt is an internationally exhibited artist living in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where he recently finished his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, focusing on sculpture and graphic design. The year following graduation, he was one of two artists in residence in the sculpture studio at Millersville University. Matt is currently managing a small contemporary art gallery in downtown Lancaster, and completing the restoration of a piece of outdoor sculpture by artist Woods Davy, owned by Franklin & Marshall College.

While at Millersville, Matt had the opportunity to learn and fall in love with the lost wax method of bronze casting, and has become quite fascinated with mold-making, and casting smaller objects from concrete, bronze, as well as U.S. currency and clear sugar candy. His photographic interests include alternative processes such as cyanotype, Van Dyke Brown and color solvent transfers to name a few. In drawing, he prefers alternative methods such as the use of fabric dye and bleach applied to fabric as well as watercolor paper.